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The Vibe App

  • Receive a thought provoking, 1-minute Perspective each morning from leading authors in mindfullness, spirituality and personal development.
  • Then, receive several ‘Vibes’ throughout the day to reinstill the essence of the perspective – repeat the Vibe a few times in your mind or perform an express meditation using the built-in timer.
  • Comment and share your thoughts with the author and fellow users.
  • Share your favorite daily Perspectives with those you care about.

What people are saying…

Some of the most successful people in their respective professions have found power in the amazing perspective and mindfulness provided by Vibe founders, Gratitude Twenty-Four-Seven and The Vibe app.

We find [these perspectives] are not just insightful but that they stimulate ideas surrounding personal daily life experiences.

Robert W. Hendry

Former CEO - General Motors Europe

I cannot think of any more uplifting and transformative experience than to have regular and repetitive access to the work of these truly advanced practitioners.

Bryant L. Welch, J.D. Ph.D. ABPP

Author and Nationally Prominent Psychologist

I wake up every day to my gratitude message for the day. I love it ! It’s always what I need to hear.

Roseanne Arquette


The Vibe is full of nourishing gems that will open your heart and energize your life. With delightful brevity, these insightful reminders encourage you to live more in-the-moment and find your authentic self.

Gerald Jampolsky

Author of 'Love Is Letting Go of Fear '

Our Current Thought Leaders

The Vibe’s amazing selection of authors has collectively sold over 10 million books. They offer a diverse array of backgrounds, viewpoints and topics related to mindfulness and well-being, and the list is growing each month.

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Barbara De Angeles







Barbara De Angelis

Dr. Barbara De Angelis – renowned author, Barbara is a transformational teacher, TV personality and #1 NY Times bestselling author of 15 books plus her latest: Soul Shifts. Follow Barbara’s daily guidance on utilizing mindfulness and inner strength to forge amazing relationships and a successful, happy life.

Ken D Foster

Ken D Foster – ‘Voices of Courage”

Ken is a nationally recognized life coach, author and radio show host of the popular, ‘Transition Radio’ with over 7 million listeners. Ken skillfully offers mindful guidance through both professional and personal journeys.



Jarl Forsman – ‘Gratitude 24-7’

Mindfulness teachers and authors of “Wise, Happy and Feeling Good,” Steve Sekhon and Jarl Forsman offer powerful daily bites of wisdom informed by a blend of Eastern and Western traditions.



Bill Gladstone




Bill Gladstone – ‘ Waterside Productions’

Waterside Productions represents some of the most prominent authors in mindfulness including Ekhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara De Angelis, Ed and Deb Shapiro, Peta Kelly and many more.  Written and curated by Bill Gladstone.


Emily Gendron - She of God


Emily Gendron – ‘The She of God’

She of God offers awe-inspiring daily perspectives designed to empower women. Proceeds go to the Rise of the Butterfly Foundation, which creates awareness and solutions for the global human trafficking epidemic. Written by Layla Love and Emily Gendron


Steve Sekhon


Steve Sekhon – ‘Gratitude 24-7’

Mindfulness teachers and authors of “Wise, Happy and Feeling Good,” Steve Sekhon and Jarl Forsman offer powerful daily bites of wisdom informed by a blend of Eastern and Western traditions.


Charles Haanel - 'master Key System'


Charles Haanel – ‘The Master Key System’

The Master Key System was originally written as a 24 part correspondence course, teaching the principles of metaphysics and success. It’s wisdom is as relevant today as it was nearly 100 years ago. It’s influence on countless peoples’ lives cannot be underestimated. Napoleon Hill wrote to the author, Charles Haanel, expressing his gratitude for the course and recounting its influence on his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”.


Where Science Meets

Ancient Wisdom Meets Science

The Sankalpa is a yogic practice in which a person regularly repeats a positive intention, often during meditation until it is manifested. Unsurprisingly, modern research in neurochemistry has shown that meditative repetition of a belief can physically remap our brains. Using The Vibe app, we can now utilize technology in our portable devices to subtly stimulate the repetition we need to instill permanent change and to establish the mindfulness that will bring us happiness and well-being.

The Vibe App - Daily Vibe

The Power of One Little Thought

Tibetan Buddhist monks spend days creating symbolic pictures (called Mandalas) out of colored sand.  As they work, they focus totally on a single intention, creating profound inner peace and healing.

The Vibe pares back the message volume, allowing you to absorb and work a single, yet powerful daily intention, instilling a lasting, sometimes life-defining impression in your mind.


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