The Vibe Method

Just a few minutes a day can provide practical and spiritual enrichment giving you new purpose, clarity and perspective.

When you sign up for the app, you will choose a thought leader from our growing selection of authors in mind, body and spirit. Your thought leader will provide you insights, daily guidance and recommended meditations.

1  Receive a daily inspiration/perspective

Each morning, The Vibe app delivers an author’s bite-sized, often inspirational, insight or perspective (50-100 words), notifying the reader it has arrived. The message is accompanied by the day’s ‘Vibe,’ a concise distillation of the morning insight’s core lesson.

2  Consider/meditate

Take a brief moment to consider the daily insight. Nothing extreme here, just take a moment to consider how it might affect yoru life, your outlook. Your thought leader can opt to include audible tracks as well as daily meditations, or you can simply mediate for a few minutes with the timer.

3  Integrate

Vibe then pings you several times throughout the day (you can choose the frequency) with the day’s Vibe, reinforcing the core lesson and evoking powerful experiential learning.

Vibe Theory

Learning theory has suggested that if we read something once, we tend to retain the information 10% of the time. By reading the same information several times, this can improve to 20-50%. However, if we integrate or use the information we have learned, our retention rate goes to 90%. Thus, by simply using information we learn, we are transforming our minds. By using (or integrating) the right information, we can transform out lives and become less stressed, less reactive, better rested, happier and healthier.

See the Science of Habit Formation

Infinite Wizdom

Before the Vibe…

Recently, we gave ten people a meaningful insight in the morning. At 5pm, we asked each of them to recall the message. Only three could remember the message at all and well, let’s say that all three did not retain all the message.

To compound this issue, of the people who receive daily insight or inspirational messages (usually by email list), more than half receive daily feeds from more than one source – each delivering a momentary endorphin boost, but almost none having any lasting effect on the reader.

The Vibe takes offers a different approach. The Vibe uses modern techniques in learning to deliver daily insights that stick, that do more than give an endorphin boost – they help you build a long-term life view that can lead to happiness and fulfillment.

Habit Formation and Breaking Old Patterns

Habit formation is the process by which new behaviors become automatic.[i]  Habits, of course, extend far beyond our urge to light up a cigarette or to tie our left shoe lace first. Dr. Joe Luciani, author of “Self-Coaching” writes that even core psychological challenges, such as depression and anxiety can be the result of entrenched habits.

This mind patterning (habit creation) is the result of the formation and strengthening of neural pathways. These are basically etchings in our brains which become the paths of least resistance for thoughts and patterns of thinking to flow through our brains. Like streams and rivers, thoughts flow through the same carved landscape they have for years and years.

Until approximately ten years ago, these neural pathways were considered permanent. It was thought that the core wiring of our brains developed in childhood and remained with us for the rest of our lives. Recent studies have proven beyond a doubt that our brains are far more adaptive than we previously thought. We now know that through repetition and reinforcement of our thoughts and behavior, we can continually evolve and change the wiring of our brains. This is the basis of neuroplasticity and the foundation of the philosophy of The Vibe.


[i] Psychology Today

Perspective is Power

Our reflexive attitudes and beliefs – “I am a winner,” “I am a problem solver,” “I am connected to others and the planet” or their opposites, “I am a loser,” “I struggle with problems,” “I am lonely and disconnected,” tend to have a cascading effect on the brain, right down to the formation of brain chemicals which control our mood, fears and general sense of well-being.

“The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.”― Oscar Wilde

Perspective is the most available, simplest, yet most powerful tool our conscious mind has through which to communicate with our subconscious. By using our conscious mind to simply change perspective, and by enforcing that perspective through repetitively and meaningfully focusing on simple and clear messages, we can ‘choose’ to retrain the way we think, the way we react and feel emotions by effectively rerouting those ancient rivers in our mind.

Integration is Key to Attaining  Mindfulness

A happy and fulfilled life comes from adhering to a few basic principles. These principles are not particularly new, in fact, they are ancient, but we need to be reminded of them – in different ways and from different perspectives. We also need to consider, use and practice them in our everyday life.

The Vibe helps us attain this experiential learning not only by providing us an enlightening daily perspective each morning, but by reinforcing the essence of the perspective and by giving us a chance to utilize our wisdom.

Several times a day; your phone will give you gentle reminder with the Vibe – sometimes, just hearing the chime is enough.  When you are ‘vibed,’ simply take a moment, consider the insight – you will be surprised that the Vibe is almost always relevant to your day in some way.

The Vibe reinforces the perspective, helping you to manifest positive and meaningful change in your life, previously unattainable in such little time.

By integrating your thought leader’s insights and guidance during your busy day, research has shown that you can improve your retention of the knowledge by 700% over reading it alone.


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