Vibe Support

If you are having issues with your Vibe app, please contact us. We are eager to understand and fix any issues that might occur. If you include your phone number, we will be happy to to give you a call. Thank you!

Known Issue: We have heard that some people believe that they are subscribed to a Premier Channel but are not receiving the content. Please go here if this has happened to you!

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Not Subscribed Issue (8/12/2018)

If you thought you had subscribed to a channel but you are not receiving that channel’s content, it is most likely that you were misled by a questionable design element in the app. (We are working to resolve this issue asap).

In the meantime, please go to the Settings page of your app (the little gear on the bottom-right). Then select Channels at the top. Note the checkbox next to the channel to which you want to subscribe. Is it gray with a check in it?  Or green with a check in it.  The gray box means ‘unchecked.’ The green box means checked. Please make sure that your selection is green by touching it, then select Save.

You should be good to go. Please go to the Home Page by selecting the house icon in the lower left. If you are subscribed to more than one thought leader, then use the switch icon    in the upper right of the page to switch between the channels.